Based in Berlin, Younes Mohammadi passionately pursues both traditional and digital art forms. Since his youth, he has been deeply interested in visual expression, exploring mediums ranging from drawing and painting to computer graphics and generative AI tools.

Born to an Iranian father and a German mother, Mohammadi's art reflects a unique fusion of cultural influences. While studying business, he remained dedicated to his art, nurturing his dual passions simultaneously. Today, he integrates his diverse backgrounds into his work in design and art, exploring the intricate interplay of cultural, personal, and professional dimensions.

Starting his artistic journey as a painter, Mohammadi honed his skills in traditional mediums. However, he didn't stop there. Intrigued by the possibilities of digital generative art, he delved into this new realm, seamlessly blending the two contrasting forms. This fusion of traditional and digital techniques not only reflects his fascination with contrasts but also serves as a visual dialogue between the past and the future in his work.

Younes has had the privilege of showcasing his work in various exhibitions, including renowned venues like the Kühlhaus Berlin, Bonnefantenmuseum in Maastricht, and Reinbeckhallen in Berlin while also gaining experience in Design, and Technology.

Before transitioning to a full-time creator role, he had worked across various startups and most notably served as the Executive Assistant for Christian Mio Loclair at Journee, a company celebrated for its creation of virtual worlds for prestigious clients. In his capacity as Executive Assistant to Loclair, who is not only the founder, CEO, and Chief Creative Officer of Journee but also a distinguished media artist.